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What is content marketing, and why is it the best marketing strategy for accountants in Ascot?

Published on July 09, 2024 
by Clark Stott


Content marketing is the art of taking the knowledge you have in your head and sharing it on the web… or, more specifically, on your website and social channels.

You likely spend time answering many questions already… many over and over again, and maybe sometimes to the same client more than once. We all have those clients. 

We turn those questions into articles, designing them so search engines can understand them, too.

When people search for a particular question online, your answer can appear organically on the first page of the results, meaning without a single ad, boost, or banner.

That brings them to your website, where they can get further answers (one usually comes after another) and engage with your business.   

Once a person is on your website, we do everything we can to engage them. This is known as Website Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). 

Over the long term, content marketing wins hands down for professional service providers that are subject matter experts.

Why does content marketing work so well for subject matter experts?

Sharing your knowledge via content marketing is not just about publishing articles for website traffic; it’s about establishing oneself as a knowledgeable and trustworthy person. It introduces you to a potential client without them having to commit. 

They will get to know you, like you, appreciate and trust you… so when they’re ready to engage a professional in your industry, you will be at the top of the list.

You can win people over while sleeping… because your website and content run non-stop.

What challenges do accountants face without effective content marketing?

Accounting businesses may struggle to stand out in a crowded marketplace without effective content marketing. The main challenges include:

  • Fierce Competition: Numerous accounting firms vying for the same clientele can dilute individual visibility.
  • Paying for Ads: Paid traffic has a place in an overall marketing plan, but relying on too much becomes very expensive, and costs will continue to increase. 
  • Difficulty in SEO Optimization: Struggling to appear in top search results without targeted, high-quality content is almost impossible today.
  • Hurdles in Establishing Trust: Difficulty in proving credibility and expertise to potential clients without informative and engaging content.

A strong content marketing strategy is essential to overcoming these challenges. Effective content marketing increases visibility and establishes accountants as credible and trustworthy experts in their field.

Our strategic approach ensures that each piece of content is optimised to rank in the search engines and appeal to the reader to earn their click-through to your content and website.

Why does this work specifically for accountants in Ascot? 

The truth is, it can work for accountants in any village, town, city or region. There is a powerful reason to add a location to your content, especially when starting with Content Marketing. 

Internet users are becoming smarter at understanding search engines. Many users know that if they’re looking for local services, they will get better results when they add a location to their search query. 

This is a great opportunity for small businesses because big businesses tend to focus on large markets, such as a whole country.

Why is it important to choose genuine content over AI-generated content?

If you know about AI content, ChatGPT, and the like, you’ll know that creating content can be achieved with the click of the mouse… but it’s cheap for a reason, and if you buy cheap, you’ll definitely buy twice, and then some.

Creating your content in your voice trumps AI content every single time.

Human-created content will align with professional standards required in the accounting field, as it can be tailored to reflect the understanding and legal considerations specific to the industry.

The advantages of non-AI, human-created content include:

  • Importance of Accuracy: Human writers can guarantee that the content meets the rigorous standards of accuracy and compliance essential for financial reporting and advice. This is critical in a field as regulated as accounting, where misinformation can lead to serious consequences.
  • Building Trust: Personalised content that reflects deep industry knowledge resonates more effectively with clients. This personal touch helps build rapport with the audience, establishing the accountant’s reputation as trustworthy and reliable.

Sounds like a lot of work… how do key business stakeholders find the time?

This is where we come in. We do the heavy lifting for you.

We ask you questions about your business and record the answers on video.

“I find it really difficult to sit down and write an article about my business… but I can talk about it and answer questions all day long.”

We convert your videos into video, audio, and written articles. 

By converting video content into articles, we significantly enhance content engagement by catering to different learning preferences and extending the reach of the original material. 

This method allows accountants to maximise the impact of their content by providing it in accessible formats to more people at their convenience.

Benefits of repurposing video content into articles include:

  • Accessibility and Convenience: Articles derived from video content provide information that can be accessed easily. This makes it simpler for clients to find and consume information at their own pace and preference.
  • Extended Reach: While videos are engaging, they might not always reach people who prefer reading or are in environments where watching videos isn’t feasible. Articles can be more SEO-friendly, potentially reaching a broader audience and improving visibility in search results.

What are the benefits of small-form video production?

Small-form video production captures the essence of longer content, delivering the important points in a format that is easy to consume and share. This approach not only caters to the decreasing attention spans of today’s online audiences but also enhances the accessibility of your content across various platforms.

Here’s how small-form videos can be used to improve interaction and visibility:

  • SEO-Friendly: Short-form videos are exceptionally SEO-friendly due to their potential for high engagement rates and shareability and key metrics for search engine algorithms.

    By maintaining concise, direct content, these videos can often appear in search results. Their conciseness makes them ideal for repeated viewing, leading to higher organic search rankings and increasing the visibility of the accountant’s online presence.

  • Targeting Specific Client Queries: Short-form videos address specific questions or topics clients frequently search for. By focusing on particular points of interest or common client concerns, these videos directly respond to client needs and inquiries.

    This targeted approach enhances relevance and ensures that potential clients find exactly what they’re looking for quickly, which can be crucial for engagement and satisfaction.

  • Strengthening Client Connections: Short-form videos help accountants connect more effectively with their clients by delivering relevant and easy-to-digest content. These videos allow accountants to demonstrate their expertise in a personable and accessible manner, fostering a sense of familiarity and trust.

    This connection is vital in building long-term client relationships and establishing the accountant as a go-to expert in their field.

Why should accountants in Ascot invest in professional content marketing?

Content marketing provides a platform to demonstrate expertise, build trust, and communicate directly with potential clients, making it an invaluable tool for growth and client engagement.

The key benefits of investing in specialized content marketing services include:

  • Establishing Authority: High-quality, relevant content positions accountants as experts in their field, essential for building client trust and credibility.
  • Improving Online Visibility: Effective content marketing strategies, including SEO and targeted content creation, increase the visibility of accounting services in online searches, making it easier for potential clients to find and choose your services.
  • Enhancing Client Relationships: Content marketing nurtures ongoing client relationships by providing valuable information and insights, encouraging loyalty and referrals.

If you are an accountant in Ascot looking to expand your client base and establish a robust online presence, now is the time to invest in professional content marketing. Take the first step towards transforming your marketing strategy by contacting a specialist in content marketing tailored to the accounting sector.

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