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Do they work for small and local businesses? Are they profitable?

What are the chances that your ideal customer uses Facebook, Instagram or Messenger?

The chances are extremely high, right?

Meta (Facebook) has an incredible amount of data on users’ interests, shopping behaviour, activities, and demographics, more than any other platform. 

That means we can show your ads to right people in the right area.

But, most people don’t use Facebook or IG to shop for services, so how do we make it work?

You need interruptive advertising. When it’s done well, it can be incredibly effective. Unfortunately, if often isn’t.

There is no doubt that interruptive advertising is the fastest way to tell people about your service, offers and most importantly, how you make their lives better!

Think about how much money massive brands spend on TV advertising, that’s the power of interruptive advertising. 

How your business benefits from Facebook and IG Ads

Largest social platform

Meta is the world’s largest social platform, with over two billion monthly active users. Meta also holds many data points about its users. Their data, via audiences, can show your ads to likely interested people by subject matter or a geographical town, area, county and countries. Local Facebook ads can be amazing for local businesses. Imagine being a mobile vet servicing Windsor. Facebook could connect you to your audience faster and cheaper than any other platform.

Lookalike audiences are mind-blowing

Imagine you have a client list of 200 clients or more. We can feed that information into a Facebook audience and ask Facebook to create us a new audience most like our 200 clients. The new list will have tens of thousands of people with similar habits to your 200 customers.
You can run your ads to that new audience with incredible results. The bigger your initial client list, the better the Facebook Lookalike audience is.

Build your reputation fast

Share your knowledge with your wider market to build your reputation and trust. Facebook Ads are a powerful, fast and efficient way to spread your word amongst your potential customers. As a vet, you could offer a free guide to pet owners dealing with hot summers, cold winters or fireworks. Each person that downloads your free guide, gives you their email address and thinks you're wonderful.

The power of retargeting is incredible

When you run an ad, Facebook tracks people that found it interesting. You can then show new ads and offers to those same people again. If you're providing great information and incredible offers, this is the fastest advertising method to build your reputation and actually get new clients. Imagine combining Lookalike audiences and retargeting together. It's seriously amazing!

Starter Facebook Campaign

£ 495^
  • We pay for your ad spend^
  • 2 video ads & 2 images ads
  • A/B test creative
  • Run on Facebook & IG
  • Expect high quality leads

Complete Facebook Campaign

£ 895*
  • 6-12 creatives per campaign
  • Minimum of 8 ad sets
  • A/B testing - creative & audience
  • Retargeting ad sets
  • Audience profiling and lookalikes

Monthly Ads Management

£ 495*
  • 6-12 creatives per campaign
  • Minimum of 8 ad sets
  • A/B testing - creative & audience
  • Retargeting ad sets
  • Audience profiling & lookalikes

Maximize your investment with our tried and tested Facebook ads expertise...

What do you want?

Our Facebook ads specialists will help you define a clear goal for your campaign. We can work towards specific objectives and the type of campaigns that will work best. We can focus on a special offer, lead generation to book appointments, quote requests or free trials.


Getting the creative on point for a successful disruptive ad campaign requires significant experience. Your creative director will have a comprehensive understanding of advertising science, a solid grasp of "what really makes humans buy things" and oodles of persuasive copywriting skill.

Who do you want?

Who are we trying to attract? What are they interested in? What location are we targeting? What about age range? Is there a benefit to showing different ads to men and women? There is a lots to discuss and your campaign manager will lead the way.

The devil is in the data.

How are we doing? The results tell all.
What's working well? What can we improve? How do we plan to avoid audience saturation and ad blindness? As time goes on, campaigns naturally reduce in efficiency, so your campaign manager must be on the ball! It's important to keep campaigns in tip-top condition by crafting fresh creatives, alternative offers and new audiences.


We often talk about the six core elements that drive online success. We will interlink your marketing efforts so they work in sync with each other. This is important for long-term marketing effectiveness and cost reduction. We love coherent campaigns.

Crank it up.

Once the campaign is refined, profitable and performing well, we can turn up the volume and scale. Scaling campaigns sounds easy but it's actually the complete opposite. Ad burn, fatigue and saturation come quickly when the ad budgets are cranked up. There is no faster way to burn money than on exhausted campaigns.


We’re here to help you get started

You do need a Facebook Business account for anything other than a “Starter” campaign.
We run Starter campaigns from one of our business accounts.
If you don’t have a business account, we can help you set one up.

We have the correct licences for all the media we supply.
If you have specific images, videos or graphics of your own, you can upload them to your creative portal and we’ll use them.

No, but you can if you want to.

We offer 3 revisions on all creatives. Keep in mind, our creative team has designed thousands of adverts across an array of campaigns… and they’re really good at it!

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