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The problem with email marketing.

Spam and bombardment.
Your customers probably get a truckload of emails everyday and only open a small percentage of them. The first job of a professional email marketer is to avoid the spam, junk and promotions folder and get your email in the actual inbox. Once you there, the next challenge is the subject line. It needs to be engaging enough for the recipient to want to open it.

Will anyone actually read my emails?

It depends on what you send and when you send it.
It's important to know if your email was opened and if the recipient took any action. Email analytics help measure results so we can make informed decisions about what to change.
Here at Get Ready, we're big fans of testing everything. Make no assumptions. The devil is in the data.

Segment for profit.

What does that mean?
Firstly, no other communications method will get close to the return on investment that email can deliver. We use intelligent automation software to drive the right message to the right person at the right time, based on their actions and feedback. The risks are low and the results are phenomenal.

6 Drip Conversion campaign

£ 295*
  • 6 automated sequential emails
  • 6 A/B testing alternatives
  • High deliverability^
  • Professional copywriting
  • Detailed analytics

Email List Builder

£ 395*
  • 1 lead magnets^ + B test
  • 1 landing page^ + B test
  • Automated thank you email
  • CRM tag & segmented
  • Next buyer's journey prompt

Continuous Email Marketing

£ 1,995
/year/per list
  • Minimum 60 emails per year
  • Buyer's journey design
  • Professional copywriting
  • Segmented & CRM tag
  • Focus on sales conversion


Some say that email is already outdated with the rise of social media networks that also allow people to connect and communicate. However, the figures don’t seem to agree.

People are still using email just like the good ‘ole times. Not only that but increasing your number of marketing channels can greatly benefit your business! Here are some facts to prove it:

22.86% is the average

email open rate across all industries.

35% of business professionals

check their emails using mobile phones.

47% of marketers

believe that their most effective lead nurturing method is email marketing.

59% of users

believe that their most effective lead nurturing method is email marketing.

For every $1 spent

on email marketing, the average ROI is $40.

70% of millennials

state that they prefer personalized emails the best.

Emails are 6x more likely

to get click-throughs compared to other marketing methods.

Over 50% of consumers

say that email is still their most preferred channel for communication with the brands they follow.

What if I don't have an email list?

We build one.

We’ll show you the fastest way to build a great email list and segment it, based on user preferences.

Building an email list takes effort, but a good, clean list is highly valuable to your business. It’s worth the work.

Almost all of us have subscribed to an email list at some point, or shared an email, and there is a reason we did. 

Even if people don’t read every email you send, they’re still seeing your name pop into their inbox.

When they need your services, you’ll be first in mind, especially if your emails have been helpful up to that point.

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We love to help.

The answer is almost always never!

Emailing a list you’ve bought or rented is a sure way to get your email address and domain blacklisted. It can sound tempting, it’s an easy thing to do. Don’t do it. 

Why “almost” never?

Because, there is an exception to the rule.

Question. Do the people on the list want to hear from you?

If the answer to that questions isn’t a resounding yes, there’s your answer. Don’t be tempted to use the list. 

What if the answer is yes?

Use the list, but be cautious. Send an educational or helpful email without an offer or promotion. Imagine going on a blind date and getting a proposal straight after your date introduces themselves.

How fast would you run?

Build a relationship first. Let them warm to you and begin to trust you. 

No, but you may want to spend.

You can build your list faster when you can promote your list building content.

You can start small, and when you see it start to the results, you’ll want to invest in growing your list faster.

Email marketing has a very high return on investment when it’s done right.

CRM = Customer Relationship Management

Basically, a CRM is a software program that stores and manages your customer information.

Strictly speaking, no you don’t need a CRM, but they are really worthwhile, even for a small email list.

All Get Ready Digital clients are given a CRM when they join us.

A good CRM will keep your email list organized, it will give you insight into the behaviour of your leads and allow you to send the right offers and the right time.

DMARC = Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance

This question is kind of like asking if you need a driving licence to drive on the public road. Technically, the answer is no. You could physically drive a car without a licence. Should you? Of course not. A driving licence proves you’ve been tested by an authority and that you’re safe to drive.

Essentially, having DMARC increases the deliverability of your email campaigns, because you’ve been checked and tested for authenticity.

DMARC sits above DKIM and SPF email authentication standards.

DKIM is used to check the authenticity of an email. When each email is sent, it is signed using a private key and then checked on the receiving mail server (or ISP). This process is used to check that the message was not altered during transit.

SPF allows ISPs such as @gmail and @outlook to check that a mail server is authorised to send email for a domain. It provides a whitelist for those that are allowed to send email on your behalf. 

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